Day 1 Bellingham

Everyone leaves for a road trip later than they say they will the night before. Our first stop was an important one;  Casa Que Pasa in Bellingham, WA. This place has been a must visit spot for us since the mid nineties. Being on the way to Seattle, it was a spot where a few carloads of hardcore kids en route to a show, could pull up and eat so much incredible food for super cheap; vegan, vegetarian and carnivores alike. It has become a well-loved staple and its own destination over the years, providing important inspiration for budgies, namely: fountain pop. The salsa bar is also an enviable item, especially because it features house made recipes that are so rad.

Taking pictures of our food was weird and embarassing. We're not totally sure why, it seems like maybe we don't connect to food culture in the same way as what we often see on social media, but here we are with this blog, so maybe we do, and maybe we will get into it and care less and not feel silly and self important. Life's a blog, and then you die.

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