Day 3 Ashland/Redding

milagros tacos.jpg
milagros doors.jpg

We drive the 5. Ashland is at the bottom of Oregon and a good time to stretch legs between long drives. We ate at Milagro, which is an unlikely hippy oasis tucked into a modern-ish looking plaza. Catering to the "peace and love" population, it was rad to see GMO-free tortilla options and an overall commitment to environmentally sustainable practices in sourcing food. Plus they had weird psychedelic murals all over the walls, beatifying the Grateful Dead, Phish, maybe Joni Mitchell…? Regardless, lots of fresh and organic food with little meat and discounts for students in a walk-up-and-choose-your-toppings counter style. We chowed down and got back in the van, eager to cross into California.


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The road into California is over mountain passes and is so gorgeous its mind blowing. Our night was also psycho, because at around 3000 feet up there was fog as thick as cotton, and a 6% decline in the road, so we drove reeeeal slow and got through it and we were all pretty stoked to crash out at our motel in Redding. Eager to get started the next morning, we found an even more unlikely location for breakfast as our dinner the night before, El Delicioso- which is in a gas station in Redding. No nonsense seating and a giant menu full of straight-up mexican food, we got Huevos Rancheros and while it tasted awesome and was just enormous, we aren't going to promise that the beans or rice were exactly kosher.