Day 5 Oakland

Waking up in Oakland knowing we had a day off of the highway didn't hurt. We had a slow start in a house that felt like home, if we had lived our lives making nothing but awesome decisions and had a Karmic bank account which afforded us the good fortune that our friends Lisa and Faye have earned and deserved. They were kind enough to let us pretend to live in their beautiful home for two nights, and that the lemons we picked from the yard and squeezed into our water in the morning were just a normal part of beginning our day. The next move was to pick up our friend Legs, who happened to be vacationing in Oakland as well, and then head up the hills to run the dogs around and walk off our drive butts. Having nature time so close to the city is unique to most cities, Vancouverites excepted. So is knowing and meeting so many thoughtful, generous people who crack us up and make time to hang.

After dog walks, we ripped into the city to say goodbye to some pals and hit a couple of shops and then rushed right into bridge traffic for a solid hour on the return to Oakland. We had a dinner date with Faye and Lisa and Oscar, of tacososcar fame, at Cosecha, a spot in an open-market style space in old town oakland. While definitely not specifically vegetarian, they had multiple veg options; four types of quesadilla (one vegan) and some appetizers and a deadly citrus salad. Our friends told us the proprietor is a big deal, and she changes the menu and specials regularly. we drank micheladas the size of our legs, and murdered multiple variations of their tortilla chips, which were made with magic masa.