Day 7 Melrose

Today was fun. We woke up early and walked the dogs down to Topanga Beach, where folks were surfing the waves which had been making our house shake all night. We got a jump on our day so we could meet up with our friends Jenny and Maggie and Aya who all came down for the weekend from Vancouver. Screwing around ensued, and after connecting in Culver City, we did some Beverly Hills shopping. Lunch was at Gracias Madre on Melrose, which is an upscale (duh) vegan spot, focusing on fresh and organic somewhat fancified takes on classic mexican fare. It wasn't so pricey, but it was all very carefully composed and presented, and we enjoyed a plot twist when our server dropped a glass of carrot-tumeric juice… On Macey's pants. It was beautiful. She was the only person wearing all white in the whole restaurant, and there were audible gasps from the other tables, while we all cheered for the miracle of stainage. Anointed by the cold-pressed dirt gods, we tried to tell our poor server how funny and no big deal it was and i'm not sure she believed us. We shared coconut ceviche tostadas and cauliflower almond pesto tacos and totopos con chile and a bunch of other stuff and got our raucous asses out of there, like so much hoi polloi. We wiped ourselves out shopping some more after that, and grabbed groceries to eat at home. Making your own food is the best; you don't even have to wear pants.