Day 8 Malibu & Sliver Lake

We rented surfboards and wetsuits in the morning from Jay, of Zuma Jay's Surf Shop, across from First Point beach in Malibu. Jay is a life long Malibu resident, former mayor, and current campaigner. He loves Malibu and we get it. The waves weren't too happening, but messing around in the Pacific under the sun in February is hardly a hardship.

In a total departure from sandy salamander style, we peeled off our suits and packed up our gear and headed for LA to clean up Korean style, at Wi Spa, the 24 hour health-n-hygiene complex. Never go to LA without coming here. It's cheap and accessible and it rules. 

We were spaced out and starving by the time we finished our circuit at Wi, but we were stoked to pick up our friend Steve from Silverlake and eat a thing with him nearby. The hour was a little late, but he got us to a taco truck outside a Von's grocery store that was perfect. Most of us got the veg mulitas, which are like a taco sandwich, as well as a lake of horchata. This is the exact type of road-side taco trucks that LA is known for, fast and cheap and delicious and hot sauce that scorched our lips. We piled back in the van to play a few groggy rounds of Scattergories and drink some beers. Before we knew it, it was 3:00 and no one could work up a give-a-shit to sit down at the computer and make this blog, so here it is, better late than never?