Day 9 and 10 Topanga and Echo park

Getting out of Malibu involved a last trip to the beach and packing up the van with a few extra pals, plus everyone's gear. Since we were still near Topanga, we decided to haul up the hill to check it out. The Santa Monica Mountain town has lots of far-out cultural history, like nudist colonies fighting the man and was once home to Woody Guthrie. Abuelitas, the community's only Mexican restaurant, was for lunch and was certainly leaving Mother Nature's backdrop in charge of charm. Some veg options exist on the menu, the beer battered avocado tacos being the most stand-out, but these guys are phoning it in- and they can! Want something better? Go ahead and drive for an hour and a half and get it. Hidden Treasures second hand vintage is across the road and the fun of rummaging overshadowed our lacklustre lunch.

We had a new house to check into in Silverlake, so we goofed off and killed some time and sat in traffic and laughed our heads off until then. The house is a perfect example of California Bungalow style, and we made some snacks and got ready to go out to the Cha Cha Lounge to meet up with friends and let our hair down… hence no blog post last night. We grabbed more mulitas from a different truck on the way home, and barely managed to brush our teeth before crashing out. We were "tired".

The next day brought a much needed sleep-in. Getting organized with all the pals was a slack process, eventually culminating in lunch at Guisados in Echo Park. Tacos, chill relleno, tamales, heaps of rad veg options made homestyle, and horchata with cold brew coffee mixed in saved us from the lingering "fatigue" from the morning after last night. Friends had flights to catch and we wanted to check out our friend Wills' ceramics at the studio he works out of, so we boogied up to Atwater to get inspired by the makers Victoria, Wills and Heather, who are creating awesome ceramics in a big spot not far from Elysian Park. It feels like there is something cool happening on every square inch of LA, and it's such a weird and fun adventure to glimpse a few of them.