Day 11 East L.A.

It's February and hotter here than it usually gets in the summer in Vancouver. We picked up our friend Steve and drove to La Azteca in East LA on his recommendation. This place has been making tortillas for 65 years and they are known for their perfect chili relleno burrito, so that's what we all got. They have a few other veg items on the menu, but don't. It doesn't matter. That burrito is pure gold, even if you don't think you really like chili relleno. Plus East LA is cool and you should go there.

After we overdosed at la Azteca, we blobbed back downtown to the Arts District (?) which borders downtown, and visited Mandy-lyn and Stooge Man, who have an awesome apartment and are working on lots of film and photo projects, as well as barking and being very cute. We messed around for a while and then when home to take a medicinal nap, because we are on vacation. We woke up hungry, but also lazy, but also the dogs wanted to go for a walk, so we split the difference and walked a couple of kms to an organic-y ricey smoothie place and got burrito bowls to that same tune and took them home. They were good and netflix is still good, which brings us to this moment, when i feel finished writing this for tonight.