Day 12 Orange County

It's weird how fast time is going by, and how normal the nice weather seems when that's really not what our Canadian selves have any real right to. Today we bombed around Silver Lake and the Junction and Echo Park before getting into the van for a visit to OC to see Dan at his beautiful tattoo shop, Captured. Dan and his wife Skully are dialled into all the vegan spots in town, and they took us to Taco Cancun for supper. The boss lady Tina was working the counter and looked classier than we do even for bank meetings, and told us about how she was a little skeptical at first of offering dairy substitutes and meat alternatives on the menu, but her daughter convinced her to try it. The experiment has worked out favourably, and this place had lots of vegan and veg options, which are all identifiable and not incidental. Dan and Skully listed off a litany of vegan spots near them; it seems to be an accessible hot spot for animal free food. We had asada fries (think nachos on french fries) and a Torta (taco in a bun) and our friends' quesadilla and burritos looked gigantic and awesome. When we had said our goodbyes, we listened to a few of the new Needles//Pins songs through the deeply wounded car stereo and cruised without traffic, which was a first.