Day 13 Hollywood

Veggie Grill. This is big news for anyone not on the west coast, or maybe more accurately not in a major city on the west coast. It's a vegan franchise which uses organic and non gmo ingredients in most of their dishes, and aims to fill a "comfort food" niche in their menu. The food is bonkers good, not as cheap as fast food but not super expensive, but i think the thing that is most outstanding here is that it is bullshit free. There is no whiff of superiority or compromise, it's food which *anyone* can like, and why is it so weird to have access to a place like that? Why does everything have to be so ideological all the time? like unless you are a velociraptor, you probably just eat a sandwich with no meat in it sometimes or would like a taco which won't fuck your stomach up, or a salad not just made up of an iceberg obstacle course which you have to pick through to get to a good part… I think that having a varied menu with some kinda junky stuff, and some pretty healthy stuff, should be the norm. So should meatless options, cause this planet isn't getting any bigger and sometimes meat eating people feel bad for using their bodies as garbage cans and drinking too much and feel a lot better about themselves if they eat a thing like this, even though it's not that strong a medicine.

We cruised over to Hollywood next, we are tourists! They were setting up for the Oscars, which seemed pretty solid-gold-glitzy, and there were people lining up for Jimmy Kimmel and a zillion folks inquired as to whether we wanted a tour of the stars homes, and we bought funny souvenirs for our friends. Hollyweird is full of grime and cheesiness, but that's its thing; dig it. We ran into Felicia on Hollywood Boulevard, she is an earnest and sweet hustler who sells fan art illustrations between Wednesday and Sunday outside of the H&M. We were stoked to meet her and buy some of her art. We bombed down to South La Brea in hopes of hitting up Trejo's Tacos, but as we feared, it wasn't open yet. Although we should have sniffed around for somewhere else to have Mexican, we were hungry and not far from the famous Pink's Hot Dogs, so we tortured ourselves with boiled veggie dogs and piles of guac and tomatoes…It was a bit much, but we did it.

Glennie turned into a stupid hot dog