Day 16 Winters/Shasta/Weed

Winters has a taco truck, and it's open at 10:00 on Sunday mornings! It also has a little mini strip of town, and four gas stations. We ate our burritos in the van and got goin. The speakers are blown and we have like ten tapes, some of the doors open spontaneously while we are moving and the border guard on our way into the USA us why we didn't have a better car, but Christina the van is a pretty special old gal, and spending our days in her in the highway is good. The 5 is beautiful. The PCH is super beautiful, but the 5 has a real heartland vibe going on, plus it is a thrill the climb and descend mountain passes in a giant steel barrel. 

After taking a pretty committed detour to Shasta Lake, we had to hustle to try and make up some miles before dark. We saw signage for fast food in Weed, California, and what road trip is complete without Taco Bell!? We did a face mask and recited Castro's famous filibuster "History Will Absolve Me" while we waited for our drive through, and when we unwrapped our long awaited chimi-ritos and queso-chongas, they were undercooked and filled with meat... So we gambled and lost on that one, but also, we have mostly been eating the most straight-up, awesome Mexican food for the last two weeks, so that teaches us.