Day 17 Medford, Oregon & Portland

Dear Blog, it's me Margaret. Today we woke up in Medford, Oregon, which is the kind of name for a town that seems pretty shitty- but it's actually really beautiful and lightly alpine, but still with big trees and even a nice river running through town and everyone says "good morning!" While you're walking your dogs, even if you look like crusty freaks. We drank really bad hotel room coffee for breakfast and got going. We were saving our appetites for Tacovore, in Eugene, and after a few hours on the road, we were pretty ready. They have a good selection of vegan/vegetarian fare, with some pretty gourmet options, like roasted Brussels sprouts and squash tacos. I can usually live without that kind of fanciness, but it was actually rad as were the black beans, which are cooked with coconut... Sounds a little over the top, but it's not. This is a place worth going, for sure. 

We made pretty good time to Portland, which is weird for us, but we were stoked to be able to stop in at Green Noise and do some shopping. Once there, we also got to visit Ken, who was putting us up for the night. I'm not going to lie, we ate at veggie grill again. We weren't even super hungry. It's just so good. We got back to Ken and Kyla's and ran interference between our dogs and their dog for a couple of hours until everyone was home. From there we piled into the car and listened to Sonic Avenues and the Steve Adamyk Band on the way over to La Conquistador, in the Buckley neighborhood. It's all vegetarian! It also boasts some pretty gourmet sounding options, like spinach-hazelnut papusas and roasted red pepper elote, but don't roll your eyes- it's awesome. Supper was really amazing and the micheladas are spicey and they have arepas, which are pretty close to a perfect food. The setting is more like a bar, but the menu is top shelf. We came home and got really powerful with Kyla's karaoke set up, there was even some Kate Bush. Ambitious!