Day 18 Seattle and Vancouver B.C.


Last Blast!! We shocked our hosts by leaving at 9:00 like we said we would the night before, but we love waking up early! That was a joke, waking up early sucks shit, but grown ups on a long road trip to eat burritos every day have to possess a lot of discipline. We drove to Seattle to round out our immanent homecoming by stopping at Bimbo's, which is a special venue for burrito eating. Since a long long time ago, Bimbo's was an inspiration for having a rad thing to eat in a cool spot for cheap that played good music and had style. They have tidied themselves up a bit in the past few years after moving down the street, and have a much larger, two floor space. We were pretty hungry and had a case of the Pacific North West rainy diffused light dum dums, so we forgot to take photos of the things we were eating before we ate them... Like, we just started eating, because that is normal. So enjoy the photos of our half eaten food. 

If you ever are driving through Puyallup or Skagit or Lacey or Everette, you will probably encounter bad weather. It's usually a combination of rain and strong winds, and it's a thrill in a large, mostly hollow van. We just wanted the van to get us home. Any minute more on the road seemed to be a crooked finger of invitation to bad luck, since we hadn't broke down the whole trip and had wore our knuckles down knocking on wood. Despite this, we fucked up getting to the Duty Free, so we doubled back like 20 kilometers to try again. Once over the border, we cruised headlong into a two-accident scene at the Massey Tunnel. Vancouverites reading this are holding their heads in their hands in sympathy. Non Vancouverites don't know or care what that is, which is better, because it ruins people's day regularly enough. Before getting home though, we had the most important stop of all the stops to make: we had our supper at Budgie's! Macey improvised a couple of mulitas and we split a bowl of awesome tortilla soup. We took a picture of the pants and chatted to folks working and it is nice to be home. On the road is an awesome place to be, and we are lucky we got to do and see and eat so many cool things, all different and all good. We still feel like jerks when we take pictures of our food.